Mediterranean climate an hour away of Milan 


Mediterranean climate an hour away of Milan 


Lake Garda -63m above sealevel- is famous for its Mediterranean climate at the foot of the Alps: on average there are only 69 days of rain a year; at the beginning of spring and at the end of autumn. Just to compare, there are 113 days of rain in Geneva, Switzerland.

The summer season is hot and dry: there are sometimes storms that bring a pleasant cooling-off. From June until mid-September the highest temperatures are almost always above 25°Celsius (77°F). In this period of the year we have tropical nights with night temperatures above 20°Celsius (68°F) with nearly no rain at all.

Heatwaves are possible in the months of July to mid-August : temperature rises until 35°C (95°F) but they only last for a few days.

The temperature of the lake between the months of June and end of September is at least 20°Celcius (68°F) and can go up to 26°Celsius (79°F). The lake is very clean because of an efficient system of canalisation that brings sewage-water down into a modern water cleaning system in Peschiera at the end of the lake.


​Spring and autumn

Spring and autumn can be partially wet but mild : daily temperatures vary from 15°Celsius (59°F) to 25° Celsius (77°F). Even in winter springtime days, with more than 15°Celsius (58°F), it is sometimes possible eat outside. Thanks to location of the Alps, Lake Garda is a privileged place : whereas the north side receive snowfalls, the north Foehn wind protects the south side which brings soft and mild weather.

On our way down to Italy from the Alps, we have often seen snow in April on the Brenner-pass and then found nice and sunny weather (24°Celsius) upon arrival in Toscolano-Maderno.


Temperatures can drop to under 5°Celsius (41°F) only with eastern streams but this is not often the case and the weather remains dry.

There is no snow in Toscolano, so you can also visit Lake Garda, enjoy nice temperatures to ride a horse, go for a walk, ride a bike or play golf. The golf course is 3 kilometers far away from Toscolano.

Statistically, there is a cold wave from Siberia only every 30 years, that brings freezing tempretures.

All-in-all, Lake Garda remains a special place where olive-, lemon- and orange-trees grow and this nowhere else up north – all this an hour awaw of Milan.